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How to hire the perfect chef for your restaurant ?
Discover special tips and advices that will help you hire and choose the perfect chef for your restaurant and efficiently develop you team
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Restaurant & Cafe
How to choose your restaurant name?
Essential steps & advices to help you choose your restaurant name easily
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Restaurant & Cafe

How to manage & maintain your restaurant staff effectively?
Explore management tips to develop your restaurant team and maintain their loyalty
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Restaurant & Cafe

7 Tips & advices for serving sustainable food in your restaurant
Discover the concept of sustainability along with special tips to efficiently implement it
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Restaurant & Cafe

10 Key elements to create your restaurant's brand & logo
Learn more about the fundamentals of creating your restaurant's brand Identity
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Chef & Kitchen

7 Delicious dessert & ice cream recipes with Chef Mostafa Sukar
A set of tasty ice cream and dessert recipes presented at Monappetit Culinary Academy
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Michelin to review restaurants in Egypt soon

Learn about CTE's statement and Michelin's presence in Egypt
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New activities & competitions  at HACE 2022

Explore the new activities and international presence at HACE '22
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Egy Truck initiative registration is now open

The Ministry of Youth & Sports opens the registration for Egy Truck
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New innovations at New York's 3rd PBW Expo

Explore the latest plant based food trends and products
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USMEF ends its tour in Egypt with a special event

Discover the main activities with the presence of chefs & experts
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Global restaurant complex launched at pyramids

Learn more about the inauguration of King Khufu Center
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Interviews & Coverages

Featured Articles

Chef Burnout
How to protect chefs from burning out?

Managerial Tips & advices to help culinary leaders protect their chefs from burning out

Food Truck Types
What are the most popular food truck types?

A complete guide on the most popular food truck types and the services they provide

Food Menu Designing
7 tips to design your ideal restaurant menu

Tips & advices from chefs and experts to design the perfect restaurant menu 

Inventory Management
What is restaurant inventory management?

Explore a set of advices on inventory management and how to handle it effectively

Are you ready for Markus Iten Culinary Cup 2022?

Apply now for the Best Restaurant Competition and compete for Markus Iten Culinary Cup 2022 sponsored by HORECA STAR - that will be organized by the ECA at HACE Hotel Expo

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Top Picks

التدرج الوظيفي للطهاة

Chef & Kitchen

What is the kitchen brigade system?

Discover the different chefs specialities in the commercial kitchens
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Barista & Bar

Who is the barista & how to master it?

All the tricks you need to know about the barista profession
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Chef Knife

Chef & Kitchen

The ultimate guide to kitchen knives & uses

What are the types of kitchen knives, features & handling advices

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Restaurant Manager

Restaurant & Cafe

8 Essential checklists every manager must have

Use these sheets to perfectly handle commercial kitchens
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Talks by iHORECA

The Ice Cream Industry in Egypt |
 Dara Ghosheh
Tips for starting a restaurant business |  Tarek Ibrahim
Advices for chefs participating in competitions |  Salma Saleh
The national chefs team preparations |  Hany Hamed

Expert Words

شيف ياسمين طايع

Using yeast basics | Yasmine Tayea
Tips & tricks by Chef Yasmine Tayea in using yeast in preparing ideal recipes in commercial kitchens

شيف ماجد محسن

Taking new career steps | Maged Mohsen
Chef Maged Mohsen discusses with the young chefs the business challenges & presents solutions to face them

شيف شرمين مؤنس

Women's role in F&B | Shermeen Moenes
Inspirations words from Chef Shermeen Moenes regarding the women's role & successes in the F&B sector

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