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٧ نصائح لتقديم طعام مستدام في مطعمك

New from iHORECA
7 Tips & advices for serving sustainable food in your restaurant
Discover the concept of sustainability along with special tips and advices to efficiently implement it in your restaurant and successfully design a sustainable food menu
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Latest Articles

Restaurant & Cafe
10 Key elements to create your restaurant's brand & logo
Learn more about the fundamentals of creating your restaurant's brand Identity
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Chef & Kitchen

7 Delicious dessert & ice cream recipes with Chef Mostafa Sukar
A set of tasty ice cream and dessert recipes presented at Monappetit Culinary Academy
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Chef & Kitchen

The Key points & ideas discussed at the 4th Chef Table
A round of discussions on the recent achievements, trends & upcoming plans

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Restaurant & Cafe
5 Sections to be considered in a restaurant floor plan
Important sections that should be included while designing your restaurant
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6 Advices to effectively deal with food waste & leftovers
A set of tips & advices to deal with the food leftovers & waste in hotels & restaurants
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The latest foodservice trends at NRA 2022

iHORECA highlights the latest trends & activities at NRA 2022
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3 Trophies & 28 medals won at Salon Culinaire 22

iHORECA exclusive coverage & interviews at ECA Salon Culinaire
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صالون فنون الطهي القومي ٢٠٢٢


The Salon Culinaire 2022 launches on 2nd of Aug

Explore the ECA's preparations for The Salon Culinarie 2022
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Markus Iten Culinary Trophy - HACE Hotel Expo


The 7 historical winners of Markus' Culinary Cup

Discover the history of the best restaurant competition in HACE
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منتخب مصر القومي لفنون الطهي


"African Culinary Cup 2022 is ours" ECA Said

The Egyptian national chefs team wins the African culinary cup
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الذكاء الاصطناعي في المطاعم والفنادق


Robotics & AI will dominate the hotel business

The use of robotics and AI is growing every day in the hotels
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Interviews & Coverages

Featured Articles

Chef Burnout
How to protect chefs from burning out?

Managerial Tips & advices to help culinary leaders protect their chefs from burning out

Food Truck Types
What are the most popular food truck types?

A complete guide on the most popular food truck types and the services they provide

Food Menu Designing
7 tips to design your ideal restaurant menu

Tips & advices from chefs and experts to design the perfect restaurant menu 

Inventory Management
What is restaurant inventory management?

Explore a set of advices on inventory management and how to handle it effectively

A special edition of ECA's Salon Culinaire 2022

A distinguished version with the participation of many chefs in presenting plates and showpieces as an aesthetic spectacle and standard recipe suitable for serving in hotels & restaurants

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Top Picks

التدرج الوظيفي للطهاة

Chef & Kitchen

What is the kitchen brigade system?

Discover the different chefs specialities in the commercial kitchens
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Barista & Bar

Who is the barista & how to master it?

All the tricks you need to know about the barista profession
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Chef Knife

Chef & Kitchen

The ultimate guide to kitchen knives & uses

What are the types of kitchen knives, features & handling advices

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Restaurant Manager

Restaurant & Cafe

8 Essential checklists every manager must have

Use these sheets to perfectly handle commercial kitchens
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Featured Topic

Talks by iHORECA

The Ice Cream Industry in Egypt |
 Dara Ghosheh
Tips for starting a restaurant business |  Tarek Ibrahim
Advices for chefs participating in competitions |  Salma Saleh
The national chefs team preparations |  Hany Hamed

Expert Words

شيف ياسمين طايع

Using yeast basics | Yasmine Tayea
Tips & tricks by Chef Yasmine Tayea in using yeast in preparing ideal recipes in commercial kitchens

شيف ماجد محسن

Taking new career steps | Maged Mohsen
Chef Maged Mohsen discusses with the young chefs the business challenges & presents solutions to face them

شيف شرمين مؤنس

Women's role in F&B | Shermeen Moenes
Inspirations words from Chef Shermeen Moenes regarding the women's role & successes in the F&B sector

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