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Chemistry & Cooking: Explore the different types of chemical reactions in food

New from iHORECA
Chemistry & Cooking: 6 Chemical Reactions that occur in food
Learn more about the different types of chemical reactions that occur in food during cooking and determine the taste and color of food
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Latest Articles

What are green hotels and sustainable tourism?
Explore the green hotels concept and the practices they follow to earn the green star
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Chef & Kitchen
7 Key principles to be a professional chef?
Discover the key principles that help chefs master the culinary arts & achieve excellence
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Restaurant & Cafe
What are Michelin Stars and how to earn one?
Learn more about the history of Michelin guide and how restaurants are reviewed
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Restaurant & Cafe

Why restaurants are going zero waste?
Discover the main reason why restaurants are moving towards zero waste practices
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Chef & Kitchen

How to hire the perfect chef for your restaurant ?
Special tips to help you hire the perfect chef for your restaurant
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Michelin Key award for Hotels


Michelin Key .. A New Awards for Hotels

Learn about the new hotels award by Michelin Guide
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African Food Regulatory Authorities Forum


The first edition of AFRAF Kicks-off in October!

Learn about the African Food Regulatory Authorities Forum
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Live Cooking Competitions at HACE Hotel Expo 2023


10 Cooking competitions to be held in HACE 2023 

Learn about the upcoming live cooking competitions & their rules
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National Food Safety Authority


1st edition of AFRAF announcement by NFSA

Explore the details of upcoming forum for African Food Authorities
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HACE Hotel Expo 2023


New activities & competition in HACE 2023

Discover the upcoming cooking competitions & activities in HACE
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Chef Hossam Soliman - Egyptian Chefs Association


Chef Hossam Soliman as Int. Judge in IKA 2024

Learn more about the details of the Culinary Olympics 2023 
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Interviews & Coverages

Featured Articles

Vision AI in restaurants
How are restaurants utilizing vision AI?

An introduction to the role & impact of Visual AI in the foodservice sector

Restaurant team retention advices
Advices for retaining your restaurant's team

A detailed guide for restaurant managers to increase staff retention

Barista Guide: Mastering the Art of Coffee
Barista Guide: Mastering the art of making coffee

Essential principles & standards for baristas to master preparing & serving coffee

What are Zero Waste Restaurants ?
What are Zero-Waste restaurants?

Learn more about zero-waste concept restaurant and its role in the foodservice sector

Top Picks

التدرج الوظيفي للطهاة

Chef & Kitchen

What is the kitchen brigade system?

Discover the different chefs specialities in the commercial kitchens
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10 Egg Substitutes for Vegan Recipes

Chef & Kitchen

10 egg alternatives for vegan recipes

Various alternatives for the eggs to be used in recipes

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What are cloud kitchens and their different models?

Chef & Kitchen

What are cloud kitchens & their models?

Explore the different types of cloud kitchens operating models

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How is HACCP applied in restaurants?

Restaurant & Cafe

How is HACCP applied in restaurants?

Essential steps to apply HACCP standards in your restaurant
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Talks by iHORECA

The Ice Cream Industry in Egypt |
 Dara Ghosheh
Tips for starting a restaurant business |  Tarek Ibrahim
Advices for chefs participating in competitions |  Salma Saleh
The national chefs team preparations |  Hany Hamed

Expert Words

شيف ياسمين طايع

Using yeast basics | Yasmine Tayea
Tips & tricks by Chef Yasmine Tayea in using yeast in preparing ideal recipes in commercial kitchens

شيف ماجد محسن

Taking new career steps | Maged Mohsen
Chef Maged Mohsen discusses with the young chefs the business challenges & presents solutions to face them

شيف شرمين مؤنس

Women's role in F&B | Shermeen Moenes
Inspirations words from Chef Shermeen Moenes regarding the women's role & successes in the F&B sector

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